Hyliko’s H2 trucks will be equipped with French batteries

Hyliko H2 trucks batteries
Hyliko H2 trucks will be equipped with French batteries

The hydrogen mobility operator, Hyliko, has chosen Forsee Power’s batteries to equip its first H2 trucks.

Forsee Power has positioned itself as the leader in battery systems for hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles in Europe. Their technology already equips several hundred vehicles (buses and refuse lorries, for instance). This is then a straightforward choice for Hyliko, which offers two models of H2 trucks: a 44 t tractor and a 26 t 6×2 and 6×4 rigid truck. Forsee Power batteries will be installed on these vehicles from the first deliveries scheduled for 2023.

The high power level and the extra-flat architecture of Forsee Power’s Pulse 2.5 modules will optimise the architecture of the hydrogen trucks for better performance in use.

As a forerunner on the French market, Hyliko is the first platform to offer a “turnkey” service for the provision and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, the production and distribution of “super green” hydrogen via its network of refuelling stations and the management of the carbon footprint. To this day, the operator has received strong interest from its customers for more than 350 hydrogen trucks, including the Point.P, BERT&You and Berto groups.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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