Hynion has received an order for a demo hydrogen station

Hynion hydrogen station

Hynion has just received an order for a demo hydrogen station and will begin cooperation with Hydrogen Elektriske Byggeplasser AS (HEB) for the establishment. The Norwegian HEB* has long been interested in a hydrogen refuelling station and now, with the help of Hynion, they will be able to establish a station in the Sør region later this year.

This station, which will be operational during Q1 2024 in Kristiansand (southern Norway), will function as a demo station to supply the region’s hydrogen vehicles. The aim is to get started with hydrogen-powered vehicles for several different applications in the region. The current order from HEB also includes a service agreement for 5 years.

Hynion & HEB: a promising collaboration around hydrogen stations

Slavica Djuric, Hynion’s CEO, makes no secret of his delight regarding this new collaboration: “We are very happy about this collaboration with HEB. It is clear that hydrogen-powered heavier vehicles will also be in use shortly and we are prepared to contribute to the infrastructure for hydrogen being in place.”

Even Askildsen, CEO of HEB adds “For us, this collaboration is perfect. Now we can get started with real hydrogen transport and other hydrogen applications very quickly, while also giving us time to plan for more stations, vehicles and work machines.”

As a side note, when the station is in operation in Kristiansand, Toyota Norway will offer the Toyota Mirai to both public actors, universities and interested private car owners.”We at Toyota see it as very positive that this hydrogen filling station will be in place in Region Sør and we naturally want to contribute to speeding up the transition to vehicles with zero emissions,” says Espen Olsen, General Manager PR Toyota Norway.

A few words about Hynion

Hynion has been building, owning and operating hydrogen stations in and around the largest cities in Scandinavia for the last 16 years. The company has worked on world-leading projects such as HyNor, CUTE, CEP Berlin, NewBusFuel and H2ME, to name a few. Hynion also has many years of experience in the automotive industry.

The company currently has 4 hydrogen refuelling stations in operation. There are three in Sweden: Arlanda, Gothenburg, Sandviken and one in Norway (at Høvik, just outside Oslo). This is actually Northern Europe’s busiest station. It has refuelled over 28,000 hydrogen vehicles since it was established. The station is fully automated and is continuously being upgraded so that it can meet the growing demand.

A fifth station is also expected in Porsgrunn this very year (South of Oslo). Furthermore, Hynion has 4 other stations under development. These are next-generation stations, which means that they are designed to refuel both heavy vehicles and private cars.

*HEB is a developper and seller of solutions that use hydrogen for emission-free construction sites.

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