Hyundai and Iveco expand their cooperation to electric and hydrogen-powered trucks

Hyundai Iveco hydrogen trucks
Hyundai and Iveco extend their cooperation to electric and hydrogen-powered trucks

Today, Hyundai and Iveco announced their intention to forge closer links to develop innovation in heavy-duty trucks running on batteries and hydrogen. They have signed a Letter of Intent to this effect.

Hyundai and Iveco have been working together since 2022. They had already collaborated on a hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle: the eDAILY FCEV, equipped with Hyundai’s 90 kW hydrogen fuel cell system and a 140 kW electric motor. The vehicle also has six tanks storing 12kg of hydrogen, providing a 350km range. Hyundai and Iveco also unveiled a hydrogen-powered bus at BusWorld in 2023. The E-WAY H2 is a 12-metre long, low-floor city bus powered by a 310 kW electric motor, a 69 kWh battery from FPT Industrial and a fuel cell supplied by HTWO (the brand that markets the Hyundai Group’s hydrogen fuel cell solutions). The bus incorporates four tanks to store 7.8 kg of hydrogen, offering a range of 450 km.

More recently, in February 2024, the two companies announced the signing of an agreement for an all-electric light commercial vehicle under the Iveco name for Europe, based on Hyundai’s eLCV platform.

Hyundai and Iveco thus intend to strengthen their partnership and extend it to electric *HGVs in Europe. The agreement covers both battery and fuel cell trucks. They will draw on each other’s technologies and expertise. Iveco has taken over Nikola’s shares and now builds hydrogen-powered trucks on its own in Europe.

The Italian manufacturer aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. Energy transition is one of the pillars of its new Strategic Plan to 2028, with a multi-energy approach.

*HGVs: Heavy Goods Vehicles

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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