Hyundai on tour in the French AURA region

Hyundai tour AURA
Hyundai on tour in the French AURA region

The Korean manufacturer took the floor last week -at a press conference hosted by Hydrogen Today- to share its ambition to widen access to hydrogen mobility. It has planned a whole series of actions until December, including an altitude record on the Val-Thorens ice circuit. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (South-East of France), which is chaired by Laurent Wauquiez, is a supportive partner both of the infrastructure and of this first record.

In partnership with the company Hympulsion – which is linked to the ZEV project: Zero Emission Valley- the region has also opted for organising various promotional events, from September 21 to 25, in 6 of the most advanced towns in the region regarding hydrogen infrastructures. These are Moutiers, Chambéry, Grenoble, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne as part of the H2 Days.

Throughout each stop, both a Hyundai Nexo in the colours of the record attempt as well as the driver Adrien Tambay will be there to report on the first trials, which took place in March 2021, and to share what is at stake through this attempt. The point is also to prove that a hydrogen-powered production vehicle can be used on a daily basis.

On December 13, the official start of the 6-hour endurance record attempt will take place at the “Hôtel de Région” in Lyon. The record attempt will be held the following day at the International Record Centre for Decarbonated Vehicles. It is a recently created concept (2020) which aims to offer the actors of decarbonated mobility a unique setting located at an altitude of 2200 metres (about 7220 ft). Such an attempt will demonstrate the relevance and reliability of the innovative technological solutions through an endurance test on the Val Thorens ice circuit.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King.

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