Hyzon delivers its first hydrogen-powered trucks in California

Hyzon PFG California FCEV
Hyzon delivers its first hydrogen-powered trucks in California

While the American company delivered 19 trucks in 2023, and production of its 200 kW fuel cell is due to kick off in the second half of 2024, the start of the year is marked by the first deliveries to Performance Food Group (PFG). And the customer is committing to volumes.

Hyzon announced the delivery of 4 fuel cell electric trucks in Southern California, put on the road by Performance Food Group subsidiary, Vistar. Parker Meeks, Hyzon CEO, affirms: “The deployment of these vehicles is a major milestone for Hyzon’s industry leading technology, and through this partnership we expect to gain valuable insight through real-world operations. Further, we expect that this intelligence will help us to optimize our technology, while working simultaneously to develop the next-generation 200kW fuel cell system.”

These vehicles have an expected travel range of over 500 km (350 miles) and a 15 minute refuelling time. PFG intends to incorporate these trucks into its fleet and put them into use to deliver snacks, candy and beverages to its customers. The vehicles will be fueled with Pilot Travel Centers LLC’s hydrogen, one of the major fuel and energy providers with the largest network of travel stations in North America.

This delivery comes 6 months after Hyzon and PFG announced their agreement on hydrogen-powered trucks. The group has successfully run a trial with a hydrogen-powered prototype and will be the first to benefit from the 200 kW fuel cell electric vehicle. PFG committed to 15 trucks and an option for an additional 30. 

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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