Innoplate starts production of its bipolar plates

Innoplate bipolar plates
Innoplate starts production of its bipolar plates

The joint venture between Symbio and Schaeffler began operations in the first quarter of this year at its plant in Haguenau, eastern France. Its aim is to produce 50 million bipolar plates and employ over 120 people by 2030.

The cooperation between the two companies was announced in 2022. And as planned, Innoplate set up its first factory in France in the first quarter of this year. Symbio has confirmed this information. The production unit will have an initial capacity of 4 million plates a year, before ramping up.

The Innoplate joint venture is designed to accelerate the production of new-generation bipolar plates for the entire PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell market. This development will improve performance and competitiveness, while reducing costs. The exclusive customers are Symbio and Schaeffler. Symbio intends to use these plates for a leading car manufacturer as part of its hydrogen programme. And Schaeffler, which has proven experience in the large-scale production of metal bipolar plates, will be able to implement these products in electrolysers for hydrogen production, and in fuel cells for all types of mobile and stationary applications.

“As a global company that is headquartered in Germany, we are also very happy to partner with Symbio in France and foster the Franco-German cooperation in this important area. The JV allows a fast market entry for Schaeffler in partnership with a leading fuel cell supplier,” had stated Klaus Rosenfeld, Schaeffler CEO 2 years ago.

The industrial site also meets the highest sustainability standards, with the aim of achieving net zero emissions.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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