Iveco to release an H2 utilitary in partnership with Hyundai 

The two manufacturers, who have been working together since last March, recently unveiled a hydrogen utility vehicle. This model will be able to compete with those from Stellantis and Renault.

The eDAILY FCEV is equipped with Hyundai’s 90 kW hydrogen fuel cell system and a 140 kW electric engine. The vehicle also has six tanks storing 12 kg of hydrogen and providing the vehicle with a range of 350 km. The 7.2 t GVW prototype has a maximum payload of 3 tonnes and refuels in 15 minutes. While the battery-powered eDAILY BEV is best suited for short journeys, the eDAILY FCEV will be an ideal option for long-distance deliveries with a high payload.

The battery from Fiat Powertrain Industrial (a subsidiary of the Iveco Group), is an integral part of the eDAILY FCEV, while the fuel cell system supplied by Hyundai is the latest step in the company’s 20-year-long hydrogen mobility journey.

Simultaneously the partnership involves to equip Iveco hydrogen buses with Hyundai fuel cells.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud, translated by Logan King and reviewed by Marina Leite.

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