Kawasaki presents its global hydrogen offer at Rotterdam

Kawasaki hydrogen offer
Kawasaki presents its global hydrogen offer at Rotterdam

The Japanese group, Kawasaki, took advantage of the World Hydrogen Summit to showcase its offer and expertise in hydrogen turbines, hydrogen carriers and even hydrogen-powered motorbikes.

Japan had a strong presence at Rotterdam, as was the case for Kawasaki. The group focused in particular on hydrogen transport. For example, it has developed the Suiso Frontier (suiso is Japanese for hydrogen), the world’s first vessel to carry liquid hydrogen. This project was carried out as part of the Hystra consortium. The boat made its maiden voyage between Australia and Japan.

WHS was an opportunity to showcase even bigger hydrogen carriers, with the medium-sized one on display in the form of a mock-up labelled LH2. The measurements are impressive compared with the Suiso Frontier, which looks tiny by comparison (despite being 116 m long and carrying 1250 m3 of hydrogen). The group believes that large quantities of low-cost hydrogen need to be transported. Cryonics makes it possible to reduce the volume by a factor of 800, the challenge being to maintain a temperature of minus 253 degrees. The hydrogen carriers will be adapted to suit different parts of the world.

In fact, Kawasaki intends to position itself across the entire value chain, from production to applications (including hydrogen-powered motorbikes), transport and storage. Another part of its strategy involves 100% hydrogen-powered turbines, a field in which the Japanese group claims leadership.

Click here for Kawasaki’s hydrogen page. And here for the press release on the group’s presence in Rotterdam.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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