Lacq’s business activity area will be using hydrogen and synthetic molecules 

On the occasion of the Hyvolution exhibition, Elyse Energy and Teréga solutions have announced they are signing a partnership to promote the development of low-carbon hydrogen and synthetic fuels in Lacq’s business activity area in the French region of New Aquitaine. 

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding today to combine their expertise with the aim of developing industrial synergies, specifically around low-carbon hydrogen infrastructures, but also carbon dioxide and oxygen. These infrastructures will be used by Elyse Energy in the manufacturing process of its e-fuels. 

The two companies initiated this partnership with a feasibility study for the installation of a green hydrogen production unit by water electrolysis on the Mourenx site, as well as the infrastructures for transporting the various gases (including, in particular, a “hydrogen pipeline”) in order to bring this hydrogen to the Induslacq site. This study will then make it possible to determine the interest for the two companies to extend their agreement to a common structure which would carry out the development and operation phases of the project around decarbonated hydrogen. 

This memorandum of understanding therefore represents a first step in the mutual commitment between the two companies to work towards the decarbonisation of Lacq’s business activity area. 

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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