Lhyfe will produce green hydrogen through offshore wind in Finland

Lhyfe hydrogen Finland
Lhyfe will produce green hydrogen through offshore wind in Finland

In cooperation with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Flexens, French producer Lhyfe is to develop large-scale offshore wind, green hydrogen production in Finland. It will be integrated into the installation of offshore wind turbines with a capacity of several gigawatts, for use both on the Åland Islands and the wider region.

In line with the ambitions of the local authorities to develop offshore wind power, this project will enable the Åland Islands to become a society based entirely on the use of green energy, while taking into account the preservation of the islands’ terrestrial and marine environment.

A consortium with a local player

A consortium will carry out this initiative. CIP is the world’s largest dedicated fund manager within greenfield renewable energy investments and a global leader in offshore wind, green hydrogen, and energy islands. As for Flexens, it is a major regional developer of hydrogen projects based in Åland, which enables local interests to be taken into account. Lhyfe provides expertise in the design and operation of hydrogen facilities on land and at sea in Europe.

The French company has one plant in operation in France and seven others under construction in Sweden, France and Germany. It operates the world’s first offshore hydrogen production plant (Sealhyfe) powered by a floating wind turbine.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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