Lounge by Hype: a new Premium taxi service

Lounge Hype premium taxi
Lounge by Hype: a new Premium taxi service

Hype, the hydrogen taxi pioneer, is strengthening its services with the acquisition of Lounge, a booking platform dedicated to Premium taxis founded by Serge Metz, the former CEO of G7 taxis. From June, customers will be able to benefit from an additional high-end service in zero-emission mode.

The Lounge service has more than 200 Premium taxi drivers, some of whom already use zero-emission vehicles (BMW I5 & I7, Mercedes EQS, EQE, EQV, Tesla Model S, etc.). Hype’s plan is to make a rapid and massive switchover to zero-emission vehicles in the Paris taxi market. In a few weeks’ time, customers will be able to use the app to order a hydrogen or electric taxi for the same price as a polluting taxi.

It’s almost like returning to the roots. At the start of this adventure, Mathieu Gardies created STEP (Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien) and planned to deploy battery-powered taxis, before turning to hydrogen. Today, his company offers both technologies. Battery power is already part of the range, with the Stellantis vans adapted for PRM transport, which run on hydrogen (with a fuel cell) and offer a range extender with a rechargeable battery.

A campaign for drivers at the Olympics

Furthermore, Hype has announced the acquisition of its historical partner Fleetizen, also created by Serge Metz, which has been developing its booking platform for several years. This acquisition will enable the operator to strengthen its technical teams and guarantee the continuous improvement of its application. As a partner of the Olympic Games, Hype is also planning to launch a “Special Membership Offer for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games”, aimed at all drivers of zero-emission, hydrogen and battery-powered taxis.

Hype, which has been present in Paris for 8 years, and more recently in Brussels and Le Mans, will be rolling out its platform in 13 other cities and regions in France and abroad by the end of 2026.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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