MAN to develop a hydrogen-powered truck by 2025

MAN Hydrogen-powered truck 2025
MAN to develop a hydrogen-powered truck by 2025

MAN Truck & Bus France organised an event on 1 February to discuss the key theme of decarbonising road transport. The focus was mainly on battery electrics. However, the head of research also touched on hydrogen.

This event* brought together several speakers from MAN as well as other participants (Enedis, TotalEnergies, EDF…) in Paris. Executive Board Member for Research and Development at MAN, Frederik Zohm, was also in attendance. According to fellow journalist at, Zohm announced that a hydrogen-powered truck would be introduced towards the end of 2025. He also pointed out: “A decision will be taken in April on whether to use a combustion engine or a fuel cell to launch production”.

Detractors of hydrogen like to cite MAN who chose to go with battery-electric vehicles. However, the same company considers that the strategy also involves hydrogen, as a complement. According to the company’s website, two technologies are being researched: the combustion engine and the fuel cell. MAN will produce alternative powertrains in Nuremberg, at a plant formerly specialised in diesel engines.

*The programme of the event can be found here.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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