GreenGo Energy to develop the Megaton Moon project in Mauritania

Megaton Moon project

GreenGo Energy is taking a crucial step forward with the Megaton Moon project, one of the world’s largest green energy parks, which will be set up in Mauritania. The group recently submitted an application to the Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines to set up this 190 TWh green energy park. This would radically transform Mauritania’s energy landscape.

The Megaton Moon project involves 60 GW/190 TWh of hybrid solar and wind generation, as well as 35 GW of electrolysis. It will produce 4 million tonnes of green hydrogen or 18 million tonnes of green ammonia annually. The CEO of GreenGo Energy, Karsten Nielsen, points out that the project aims to meet around 1% of global demand for green hydrogen by 2050.

A GreenGo Energy team recently met with the Ministry of Energy in the capital city, Nouakchott, to discuss the project application and value proposition. “Our government is very pleased with the Megaton Moon project, in particular the elements that will foster massive development potential for our country”, says Ibrahima Diagana, Country Manager for GreenGo Energy in Mauritania.

The Megaton Moon project: more than just energy production

The Megaton Moon project is not just about producing energy. It also plans to use the surplus power of more than 10 TWh to support local desert farming industry, generating more than 70 million tonnes of desalinated water annually.

Hydrogen and ammonia production is scheduled to begin in 2028, with full installation by 2033-2035. Of course, this is subject to timely project approval.

Project development is in progress fully leveraging the development platform at GreenGo Energy in Denmark, benefitting from experience gathered from the further progressed Megaton sister-project in Denmark.

While this announcement heralds positive developments for the country’s energy and economic future, the necessary skills need to be attracted locally to bring the project to fruition. And that’s another kettle of fish!

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