Mitsui adapts a hydrogen engine for the maritime industry with a license from MAN Energy

Mitsui hydrogen combustion engine maritime MAN Energy
Mitsui adapts a hydrogen engine for the maritime industry with a license from MAN Energy

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding has announced the successful testing of a MAN two-stroke engine with up to 100% hydrogen charge at its Tamano plant. A world first for the marine industry.

In collaboration with Man Energy Solutions, Mitsui has converted one of the four cylinders of a Man B&W ME-GI. engine running on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). As stated in a press release, Mitsui has adapted this engine to run on hydrogen as part of a project supported by the Japanese government.

One of the engine’s 4 cylinders has been adapted to run on hydrogen. The engine is 100% loaded with this high-pressure gaseous hydrogen, with no problems nor leaks. Mitsui reports that combustion is easy, as is the hydrogen supply. According to the Japanese player, this is the world’s first successful test of hydrogen combustion in a large two-stroke marine engine. The company also states that it intends to acquire the storage and distribution technologies to be able to provide hydrogen combustion for maritime transport. For Mitsui, this is the next-generation fuel.

MAN congratulates Mitsui

In its press release, Man Energy Solutions gives the floor to several of the company’s executives. “This is a very interesting project and one of several activities related to hydrogen that MAN Energy Solutions is currently pursuing within both two- and four-stroke segments.” commented Gunnar Stiesch, Chief Technical Officer, MAN Energy Solutions. While Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Sales and Promotion at the same company added: “This is an encouraging milestone for hydrogen as a fuel. We will now take some time to evaluate the results and ensure that we are ready to take action if and when the market for hydrogen matures.”

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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