Updates from NamX and its hydrogen SUV at VivaTech

NamX hydrogen SUV VivaTech
Updates from NamX and its hydrogen SUV at VivaTech

NamX is displaying its hydrogen-powered SUV at the Tech Show, VivaTech. Opposite the DS Automobiles Formula E car, the SUV and its hydrogen cartridges are sure to catch the eye.

In October 2022, NamX had already presented its hydrogen-powered SUV at the Paris Motor Show. At the time, the start-up founded by Faouzi Annajah had opted for the fuel cell. A year and a half later, a V8 is finally under the bonnet. NamX has in fact gone with the combustion engine, in partnership with Solution F (GCK Group). This meant redesigning the rear of the car to incorporate an exhaust system. The engine will not be on display at the show, but tests are well under way. The company says it is fully focused on 2025, which will be a decisive year.

By then, NamX will be ready to present a running car with its new interior. In the meantime, you can (re)discover the vehicle in its new green livery.

The start-up is working with Magna in terms of engineering. A tank supplied by Raigi can also be seen at VivaTech. Alongside conventional hydrogen storage, NamX continues to promote its hydrogen cartridges. 6 of these are fitted at the rear of the vehicle, which is said to cover a range of 800 km.

On good terms with Morocco and its hydrogen ecosystem, NamX is currently preparing to raise funds. The target date for marketing its hydrogen-powered SUV remains set for 2027.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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