Nikola has delivered its first hydrogen-powered trucks

Nikola first hydrogen trucks
Nikola has delivered its first hydrogen-powered trucks

At the start of 2024, the American manufacturer is taking stock of 2023. Nikola has announced that it has produced 42 hydrogen-powered trucks and that it sold its first 35 copies.

And what will become of the 7 that were not sold? Three of them are being used in an extended field test with a fleet partner, two are in continued validation and the remaining two are being used for service training and customers demos. CEO Steve Girsky thanks his teams for being able to create and deliver the “only U.S. designed and assembled Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric truck on the road today.” He also hopes to deliver to more trucks in 2024.

While the performance figures on paper are tantalising, with a range of 800 km and a refuelling time of 20 minutes, feedback points to 98% uptime. “A crucial point for efficient fleet usage,” stresses Mr Girsky.

While production of the hydrogen truck began on July 31st, with a commercial launch on September 28, Nikola will be providing more financial details on its 2023 results and 2024 outlook in the coming weeks.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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