Opening of the Hydrogen Days in Pau

Hydrogen Days Pau

The 10th edition of the “Hydrogen Days in the Territories” event opened its doors in Pau (France) yesterday, June 13. The event will last until June 15. It is being held at the same time of France Hydrogène‘s 25th anniversary, and just a few days before the national hydrogen strategy is reviewed.

Pau, its Febus H2 bus (on display behind the Beaumont Palace) and… its tropical climate. France Hydrogène celebrated its 25th anniversary in a floodlike rain last night. It was an opportunity, of course, to look back at some of its history. It was also the 10th edition of these Hydrogen Days. The first took place in Albi in 2013. It was followed by Belfort in 2014, Cherbourg in 2015, Grenoble in 2016, Nantes in 2017, Toulouse in 2018, Marseille in 2019, Dunkerque in 2021 (there was no event in 2020 because of Covid), Rouen in 2022 and Pau this year.

Mobility will not be left aside

For the 2023 edition, announcements are scheduled from Terega and Atawey. As for France Hydrogène, a 15-page booklet has been published by the association to help revise the national hydrogen strategy. The association wants to make sure that mobility will not forgotten.

In addition to the classic exhibition, a Hyundai Nexo from ENGIE, the hydrogen-powered go-kart from VISION Technology, a hydrogen-powered Renault Master, the mobile station from Atawey Hydrogen, the Febus Van Hool bus from Pau and the H2 fridge trailer from CHEREAU are on display around the Palace.

Note that Seiya Consulting, the publisher of this blog, is also present at the Hydrogen Days in Pau.

Last week was marked by the 24 Hours of Le Mans. If you want to learn more about this event then this article should be of interest to you.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

Some photos from the Hydrogen Days in Pau

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