24 Hours of Le Mans: Peugeot and BMW are open to hydrogen

Peugeot BMW hydrogen

The website Sportscar365.com asked BMW and Peugeot their views on the future hydrogen category. This does not mean that the two manufacturers will be participating but they do think it could “make sense.”

The American site, which specialises in endurance racing, spoke to Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson. “We’re very open”, she said alluding to hydrogen. “but it has to be linked to electrification strategy”, she added. For the moment, the lion-faced brand is involved in hypercars with hybrid cars. The link is consistent with the brand’s positioning, which offers plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

Peugeot is potentially interested for the next generation

“We already have a commercial vehicle, a Peugeot Expert, which uses a hydrogen fuel cell” says Linda Jackson. “So we are already very open to that technology. Jean-Marc Finot, Stellantis Motorsport director, also believes that “it could make sense.” But the brand is focusing on hybrids, for which it is starting to get results (a first podium finish at the 6 Hours of Monza).

As for Hydrogen Today, we had the opportunity to talk to Jean-Eric Vergne during the Le Mans 24 Hours. The driver, who is personally interested in hydrogen, told us that it was “great” to have a new hydrogen category from 2026.

BMW is also interested

Sportscars365.com points out in its article that Peugeot is one of the manufacturers taking part in the working groups, along with Toyota (which has already announced its participation in the hydrogen category, see our article), Audi and BMW. The website also asked the same question to BMW motorsports boss Andreas Roos. While the iX5 Hydrogen (see our article) is touring the world, he confirms BMW’s interest in hydrogen, both for the road and the track. But “it’s too early to see in which direction it will go and if it’s really a solution.”

In another article, the same site reported that the IMSA championship in the USA could be tempted to launch a hydrogen category as did the ACO in France. But this will depend on the manufacturers’ appetite for this form of energy.

As a reminder, the hydrogen category will be open to 2 technologies : the fuel cell and the hydrogen engine.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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