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Presentation Mikaa Mered Hyvolution

We already mentioned the presentation Mikaa Mered made at Hyvolution Chile in a previous article (read it here). And it is now available on YouTube. You can watch it here on YouTube (his speech starts at 11’35”) or directly on his Linkedin profile.

Mikaa Mered’s presentation at Hyvolution Chile

This fifteen-minute presentation (in English) focuses on “intercontinental hydrogen value chains to Europe.” During this presentation, you will hear about the potential for hydrogen production on a global scale and the challenges facing the industry, particularly in Chile.

In more detail, Mikaa Mered tells us that we are currently experiencing what he describes as the 5th hydrogen hype. He reminds us that according to a report from the IRENA, electricity production will have to double by 2050 if we are to produce enough hydrogen to stabilise global warming at +1.5°C.

Chile’s future challenges

He goes on to outline Chile’s competitive advantages. Namely a great potential for wind power in the southern region (Magallanes) and a significant potential for photovoltaic energy in the northern region (Antofagasta) and the metropolitan region (near Santiago). He also points out that Chile has considerable reserves of key minerals for the manufacture of batteries. The expert asserts that while Chile is not yet ready to be a major producer, few countries are at the moment.

He then provides an overview of future hydrogen importing, exporting and self-sufficient countries. We learn that China and the United States will probably be self-sufficient. However, Europe will most likely be a major importer of hydrogen. Therefore, the big question is: From where will Europe import these large quantities of green hydrogen? While several scientific reports agree that Latin America will export relatively little hydrogen, the expert states that he totally disagrees with these reports.

The 5 bottlenecks to be addressed

However, for Chile to establish itself as a major producer and exporter, it needs to “go big.” To achieve this objective, 5 bottlenecks need to be addressed:

  • The supply of critical metals
  • Electrolyser production capacity
  • Sufficient infrastructure for export
  • Finding a substitute for ammonia
  • Social acceptance

 If you want to know more, you can watch the interview we did with him here. You can find this presentation from Mikaa Mered (and all the other panels held during the event) on Hyvolution Chile‘s YouTube channel.

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