The french post office and Renault Trucks test a fuel cell truck


The french post office and Renault Trucks test a fuel cell truck

It’s a first in Europe : Renault Trucks is demonstrating in partnership with La Poste a Maxity Electric a truck with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell, developed by Symbio FCell. Thanks to this hydrogen-powered range extender, the truck now enjoys an autonomy raised to 200 kilometers, instead of 100.

For a year, the concept will be tested under actual operating conditions in Dole (Jura Department), a region with especially harsh winter weather conditions. This field test will enable Renault Trucks to explore all potential avenues of hydrogen technology under actual operating conditions.

For La Poste, which at present owns the world’s largest fleet of electric vehicles, this experiment is part of a continuous effort underway to extend the autonomy of its fleet. For nearly a year, in the Franche-Comté Region, the Post Office has been testing, during carriers’ collection and distribution of mail and packages, clean vehicles running on hydrogen.

The 20 kW fuel cell is combined with 2 hydrogen tanks, with a 75-liter capacity each, making it possible to store 4 kg of H2 at 350 bar. The Total weight of this kit is 300 kg.

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