Europe leading the way in the use of green hydrogen according to Roland Berger

Roland Berger green hydrogen study
Roland Berger: Europe leading the way in the use of green hydrogen

In a report by the consultancy firm, Roland Berger, it is estimated that green hydrogen will account for 12% of global production by 2030. Europe’s share will rise up to 33%, putting it well ahead of the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

According to Roland Berger, global hydrogen production should be around 110 million tonnes by 2030. Grey hydrogen will still represent a significant part of the global mix. Many industries, particularly in Asia, will be relying on it. This is hardly surprising, given the price of electricity and the lack of high-power electrolysers.

As far as green hydrogen is concerned, the greatest use will be in Europe. “With the support of public policies and the structuring of this industry, the hydrogen shift has never been so close to accelerating the necessary decarbonisation of our economy”, says Emmanuel Fages, Partner in the Paris office and co-author of the study.

By 2030, as Roland Berger estimates, 68% of the hydrogen produced will be used in industry and 22% in mobility.

By 2035, new large-scale uses for hydrogen will emerge in certain sectors such as the steel industry and maritime transport, suggests the study. Hydrogen specialised transporters will appear on the scene, carbon pricing will become widespread, and clean by-products will develop (ammonia, methanol, e-fuels…).

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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