Rotterdam: the student-designed hydrogen cars

Rotterdam hydrogen cars
Rotterdam: the student-designed hydrogen cars

At the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, the race car from the Forze Hydrogen Racing team based in Delft was on display. Also on show was the car from Green Team Twente. The spotlight was on these two projects.

The Delft-based company has been running since 2007, with students devoting their free time to building race cars that take part in endurance competitions in the Netherlands. No less than 8 generations have been designed since then. In Rotterdam, it was generation VI that was on display. But the current big project is the generation IX car, which will develop 600 kW (805 bhp) and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. The car, which has its sights firmly set on Le Mans, will be racing on a Dutch circuit as early as August.

The Green Team Twente competes in Formula Student: an international student motor racing competition involving around 800 teams, initially created in 1981 by the learned society SAE International, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in Europe in 2023. Created in 2011, the company has developed the Apollo GDO. The car, which weighs 600 kg, reaches a modest 60 km/h. The Green Team, which has long taken part in the Shell Eco Marathon, is advocating the use of hydrogen in Formula Student.

In addition, vehicles that had taken part in eco-competitions were also on display. They were designed by the Ecorunner team at Delft University of Technology. Its latest creation, the Eco XIV, can cover the distance between Amsterdam and Porto on 1.45 kg of hydrogen. A world record attempt of 2056 km is also planned for June.

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