Scania ready for hydrogen

Even if electrification and various hybrid and alternative fuel solutions are already attracting a lot of attention, the swedish truck manufacturer believes it’s time to think about hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The company is in partnership with Norwegian goods wholesaler Asko to test hydrogen gas propulsion in trucks.

In that configuration, the trucks are fitted with an electric powertrain, and electrical energy is converted from hydrogen gas in fuel cells on board. The fuel-cell-powered truck or bus will always have a battery, and be hybrid. Therefore with this solution it can run at a more stable power level. The battery can capture moments when extra power is needed, and times when the vehicle needs to recuperate power from brake energy.

A major strength of hydrogen-based solutions is the fact that it is a zero-emission technology; only water is actually emitted locally by the truck itself. This is based on the fact that the hydrogen is produced in a renewable way.

For sure, hydrogen is one of the options for the powertrain of the future.

However, Scania needs to solve the issues of degradation and lifetime of the fuel cell. There’s also the central issue of how and where the hydrogen fuel is produced and of course the H2 stations network that needs to be built.

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