Seashuttle hydrogen container ship project kicks off construction

Seashuttle project container ships Netherlands Norway
Seashuttle hydrogen container ships project kicks off construction

Led by the Dutch company Samskip, this project aims to develop two autonomous hydrogen-powered container ships by 2025. They will connect Norway and the Netherlands.

Construction of these new-generation ships has just begun Cochin shipyard in India. The Seashuttle project is the result of a partnership between Dutch logistics group Samskip and American robotics specialist Ocean Infinity. Their aim is to operate two automated hydrogen-powered container ships, each powered by a 3.2 MW fuel cell, on the route between Oslo and Rotterdam.

The project is backed to the tune of €15 million by the Norwegian company Enova, which is operating on behalf of the Norwegian government in the field of sustainable development and energy transition.

In addition to these first two ships, Samskip and Ocean Infinity are looking to decarbonise maritime logistics. They aspire to commission 500 container ships with a hydrogen propulsion system, backed up by a diesel generator. The two partners are banking on supplying affordable hydrogen in large volumes from Norway. Their ambition is to achieve short distance maritime transport at an equivalent cost using zero-emission solutions.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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