French people are optimistic about zero carbon aircraft survey says

Survey low-carbon aircraft

French people are optimistic about zero carbon aircraft survey says

According to a survey carried out on behalf of GIFAS at the Paris Air Show, the French seem to think that manufacturers will be able to find solutions (including hydrogen) to reduce their carbon footprint.

Are the French optimistic about zero carbon aircraft? That’s what this IFOP survey of a thousand people clearly shows. Among the most striking points is the fact that 88% of those surveyed said that the aerospace industry acts as an international showcase for France’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies. In a smaller proportion (but still a large majority), 72% think that the aeronautics sector will succeed in innovating to reduce the impact of air transport on the environment in the coming years. Moreover, a majority of those questioned (59%) think that it is better to support the industry to adapt rather than to limit air traffic.

Next came THE question on French people’s assessment of the solutions that are considered to reduce emissions. They were told that the aeronautics sector was looking at a wide range of solutions. Electric, hybrid or hydrogen propulsion and sustainable fuels to name a few. It turns out that 66% of respondents are optimistic about this research. Only 20% are not.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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