Toyota improves the liquid hydrogen Corolla

Toyota Corolla hydrogen

Toyota has once again raced its hydrogen-powered car: the Corolla. A few components have been modified and the vehicle is lighter.

The race took place at Autopolis (Oita prefecture) last weekend, as part of the Super Taikyu championship. Compared to the Fuji race two months ago, the car has evolved. You can see all the details here.

The first improvement has to do with the liquid hydrogen pump, whose lifespan has been increased by 30%. It is no longer necessary to replace it during a competition. The weight has also been reduced by 40 kg. This loss of weight has been possible by reducing the weight of various ‘pipe’ parts and by adjusting the hydrogen pressure.

In addition, Toyota has improved the seals on the mobile refuelling station, again saving weight. But above all, refuelling is now automatic. This is a major progress, and it is controlled electronically. The latest innovation comes from a process developed by Fujikin Corporation, which reduces refuelling time to just 1 minute, compared with 1 minute 40 seconds during the Fuji race. Toyota also points out that a hydrogen-powered generator has been used to supply the mobile refuelling station with electricity.

In addition to its development programme with a liquid hydrogen-powered racing car, the Japanese manufacturer has also raced a GR86 running on e-fuel. The car had already been raced on 8 and 9 July.

These two ways of powering a racing car reflect the strategy of the manufacturer, which is banking on several energies (you can read our latest article on that subject here).

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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