Toyota sets up a hydrogen research centre in the United States

Toyota hydrogen research centre
Toyota sets up a hydrogen research centre in the United States

In a symbolic move, Toyota has decided to locate a dedicated hydrogen research centre in California. The centre will be working on applications extending beyond vehicles.

Toyota’s research centre in Gardena, California, has become the H2HQ (North American Hydrogen Headquarters). The offices have been revamped to accommodate the teams working on the development of hydrogen vehicles and technologies. “I’m very pleased that Toyota is building on its longstanding commitment to California by locating its North American hydrogen headquarters here in the Golden State,” said California State Senator, Josh Newman. He also added: “The work done there, along with green hydrogen initiatives throughout the state, is propelling California toward a dynamic, clean-energy economy.”

Unique facilities

The transformation of the site is part of Toyota’s strategy review last year. The manufacturer renamed its hydrogen division the “Hydrogen Factory”, to bring together all of its hydrogen initiatives under one roof. Its European subsidiary has replicated this model for its market. Now it’s Toyota’s turn in North America to follow suit. The H2HQ will develop products for commercial vehicles, trucks, port vehicles and stationary applications. Toyota’s hydrogen research centre is equipped with test benches and a 1.2 MW dynanometer, as well as a refuelling station.

The site, which will also work on a global scale, will be hosting new projects.

A hydrogen microgrid to supply the campus

The site will also set an example in terms of energy efficiency. Toyota will be setting up a microgrid (flexible microgrid), with a 230 kW photovoltaic system, a 1 MW stationary PEM fuel cell generator, a 325 kW solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and a 500 kWh on-site battery energy storage system. This should be able to power the campus with renewable energy by 2026.

Moving forward, the site will feature an education centre, which will be open for tours upon prior arrangement. It will provide an opportunity to learn more about Toyota’s vision in terms of sustainable development and the role that hydrogen will play.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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