24 h of Le Mans: Toyota on fire in the Hydrogen Village

Toyota hydrogen village 24H of Le Mans
24 h of Le Mans: Toyota on fire in the Hydrogen Village

Within the circuit, the Hydrogen Village is a 2,500 m2 display of mobility solutions, from the touk touk to the rocket engine, not forgetting the radio-controlled car and, of course, the race car.

Having already taken part in last year’s event, Toyota is taking over the site with no less than three stands. Located at the entrance of the hydrogen village, the first features two Toyota Mirais (one of which is sporting the colours of Paris 2024). The aim is to show that hydrogen-powered cars can be used to power electrical equipment. The first Mirai will power the tent and TV screen, while the second will be used to make cotton candy for the children.

A buggy and a car for Le Mans

In another stand, the Japanese manufacturer is presenting its Hilux pick-up (10 of which are being produced as part of a programme in Great Britain). The vehicle, which will also be on display during the Olympic Games, is exhibited alongside a fuel cell. The third stand is dedicated to competition. Here you can see the buggy that took part in the Dakar Rally as part of the Hyse* consortium, and the concept hydrogen-powered race car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is the vehicle that was shown here last year.

An anticipated reveal of the H24 EVO

Apart from Toyota, there is of course MissionH24 with the H24 and the eagerly awaited H24 EVO, which will be unveiled tomorrow. In addition, Symbio will be exhibiting its fuel cell and OPmobility its fuel tanks. Ariane is also on the stand, with a rocket engine and to talk about the potential of liquid hydrogen (competition, aeronautics, road transport), as are the firefighters from the SDIS. There are also stands for Alpine (for the Alpenglow Hy4), Ligier (for the JS2 RH2 with Bosch) and Solution F (GCK) for the Foenix H2. Other cars on display include the miniature radio-controlled H2 Grand Prix Pro, and the Discoverhy (designed by the ACO as an educational demonstrator for children, travelling at 5 km/h).

And alongside the exhibition is TotalEnergies’ mobile refuelling station (the ACO’s multi-energy partner on the 24 hours of Le Mans circuit). It is used by H24 during its races.

An educational stand

Antoine Abou’s hydrogen-powered touk touk is also in the game. On the first 12-hour leg of his record-breaking run on 2 kg of hydrogen on Sunday, he covered 383 km. The aim is to cover 700 to 800 km on Friday evening.

There is also an educational centre with France Hydrogène, Technifutur and the University of Le Mans. This is an opportunity to promote training courses and certain hydrogen-related themes, including natural hydrogen. And at the end of the tent, a ‘pump attendant’ is offering to refresh visitors by sending water through a hose from a fuel cell car.

*Hydrogen Small mobility & Engine technology: an engine research association bringing together Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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