Atawey exceeds its targets and enters 2024 with a full order book

Atawey results
Atawey improves its results and enters 2024 with a full order book

With €8.5 million in turnover, Atawey, the Savoie-based company, has increased its results by a factor of 2.5 in comparison to 2022. And it is continuing to grow with high-capacity stations.

Atawey is maintaining its upward trajectory, with the year 2023 seeing the expansion of its portfolio of partners and customers. For example, the company has developed a compact station for Hyvia (Hywell) and is offering the same manufacturer a combined range of vehicles and stations. The range is also evolving with high-capacity stations of up to 2 tonnes per day. In addition to being a supplier, Atawey is also becoming a solution provider, as demonstrated by its involvement in the Arv’hy project (in the Arve valley), where it will act as both supplier and operator, as well as being responsible for the maintenance of the station.

A significant order book

In 2023, Atawey received orders worth €20 million. This has enabled it to set a sales target of €22 million for 2024, 75% of which it estimates has already been achieved with new orders*. In fact, the company is currently in exclusive negotiations to acquire McPhy’s stations business. If the deal comes to fruition, Atawey could have 75 installed stations by the end of 2024 (compared to 25 today). This would make it the company with the largest network of hydrogen stations in Europe.

The momentum points to substantial growth over 2025 and 2026. For Atawey, this success is the culmination of a strategy based on responding as closely as possible to the needs of infrastructure installation project developers, particularly in the field of heavy and intensive mobility.

*Pipeline of potential orders reaches €100 million

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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