Atawey to launch its mobile station

The French Savoyard company is releasing a new mobile hydrogen station. The station, which can be moved around in less than half a day, has been designed to be autonomously installed and commissioned by the operator. The objective is plain: to deliver hydrogen quickly where users need it most.

The mobile station Atawey, which is intended for vehicle tests and demonstrations, temporary applications and social events, has another string to its bow. Indeed, it can be used to fuel heavy goods vehicles as well as refuse trucks, buses and vans. The first deliveries are planned for April 2022.

“Besides making hydrogen access easier so as to test vehicles, the Ataway mobile station is paving the way to new purposes such as construction sites while improving the availability of already existing stations” says Jean-Michel Amaré, Ataway’s CEO.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King.

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