Chile: a future leader of green hydrogen?

Chile green hydrogen leader


The newspaper “Le Monde” dedicated an article to this country, one of Latin America’s most righteous regarding renewable energies. The daily newspaper reminds that in November 2020 the Chilean president Sebastian Piñera unveiled “an ambitious nation plan” to place his country among the world’s three largest exporters of hydrogen -an energy used, among other things, in transport or in the steel industry.

The matter had already been mentioned by the French Ministry of Economy. Bercy -home of the French Ministry of Economy and Finances- emphasized that the hydrogen is already seen as paramount and strategic by the Chilean authorities. They also underlined that the National Strategy is backed by a USD 50 million seed fund and ambitious goals.

“On a narrow strip of land stretching 4,500 km (about 2,800 miles) from north to south, this country can produce the green energies for the whole world” as reminded by Le Monde. “In addition to the Atacama desert benefiting from the world’s highest rate of solar radiation, the wind blows strongly over the 4,000 km (about 2,500 miles) of shores and even beyond, as it is the case on the plateaus of the Chilean Patagonia. The country’s wind and solar energy production capacities have increased tenfold over the past seven years particularly with the help of foreign investments” adds the daily newspaper.

Chile will take part in the lecture about Hydrogen Business for Climate next September in Belfort.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King.

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