France Hydrogène contributes to the National Hydrogen Strategy

France National Hydrogen strategy

Just a few days before the review of the National Hydrogen Strategy, France Hydrogène has published a small booklet. On May 31, France Hydrogène had already published a manifesto calling so that the national hydrogen strategy keep its promises regarding reindustrialisation. 

This contribution was presented during the Hydrogen Days in the Territories, in Pau (southwestern France). The purpose of this little booklet is to remind the government of two objectives that the association deems important. The first is to use hydrogen to deeply decarbonise the economy, while reindustrialising local areas. Secondly, it stresses the importance of intermediate-size projects, and all uses including mobility. France Hydrogène places particular emphasis on road mobility and calls for support for industrial champions. 

Recommendations for public authorities

Concretely, the document takes stock of the first years of deployment, puts forward a study to establish the best methods of deployment and serve reindustrialisation, alludes to ecological planning and pleads for a trajectory that realises the full potential of decarbonisation and reindustrialisation.

The association plans that between 2.6 and 3 GW of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen production capacity could be paid for. France Hydrogène also adds that efforts must be maintained up to 6.5 GW. Other points to remember: the need to massively increase the number of projects and users; taking into account road, sea and air mobility which must be addressed forthwith; adjusting the procedures to ensure the success of the French strategy for 2030, whose objectives are relevant.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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