GH Power: producing hydrogen 60% cheaper than with electrolysis

GH Power clean Hydrogen

Thanks to its reactor, which requires only water and aluminium to produce hydrogen, the Canadian company GH Power is promising competitive costs compared with natural gas reforming. And without producing CO2.

Run by energy experts, GH Power is based in Ontario, Canada. It has developed a fairly unique reactor process that uses exothermic reactions based on water and recycled aluminium. The result is renewable hydrogen, alumina (aluminium oxide) and exothermic heat. It’s a “three-in-one” process.

The modular reactor from GH Power produces clean hydrogen, with no emissions, carbon footprint or waste. The company believes that this process is already more competitive than electrolysis. It is targeting a cost of CAD 2 per kg. This cost could be halved with another reactor using iron instead of aluminium.

For now, the first commercial reactor is being tested in Hamiton, Ontario. The company emphasises the modularity of its product, which has a capacity ranging from 1 to 27 MW. GH Power plans to set up a hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 11.7 million tonnes a year. The great strength of this reactor is that it is multifunctional. For instance, the alumina it produces in the process can be used for LED lighting, lithium-ion batteries or semiconductors.

The company also points out that it can use recycled materials.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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