HDF Energy progresses on its power plant projects

HDF Energy power plant
HDF Energy progresses on its power plant projects

As the company prepares to move into new facilities and open its gigafactory in Blanquefort in southwestern France, HDF Energy is announcing that projects could kick off as early as this year.

In 2023, HDF achieved a consolidated turnover of €3.9m (compared to €3.5m in 2022), mainly in the form of project management support for RSB* projects in Barbados and Newgen in Trinidad and Tobago.The project has taken a major step forward by securing $41 million in funding from the World Bank and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). This financing is an important step in the financial structuring of the project and confirms the viability of the Renewstable model (multi-MW power plant) for all future projects.

Despite an adverse economic context and increasingly complex development stages, significant progress was made on a number of projects in 2023, notably in Namibia, Mexico and Indonesia. According to HDF, these projects are now likely to enter construction in 2024/2025.

Damien Harvard, Chairman and CEO of Hydrogène de France stated: “In line with the strategic plan, 2023 saw the deployment of technical teams at head office to support the sales teams in the various regions in which the Group operates. This expertise has enabled us to advance the development of our projects, enabling us to envisage launching the construction of several of them in the near future.”

In 2023, HDF had a total of 25 projects, in comparison to 13 in 2022.

*HDF is also a shareholder in the project company Renewstable Barbados (RSB) Inc, in which the Rubis Group is the majority shareholder, and in the project company Newgen as well, in which the historical founder Kenesjay Green Ltd (KGL) also remains a shareholder.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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