Hopium: a fuel cell with unbeatable performances

Hopium fuel cell
Hopium: a fuel cell with unbeatable performances

The CEO of Hopium, Sylvain Laurent, had told Hydrogen Today that the company would be communicating again with good news. For the first time, it is giving figures on its fuel cell.

Faced with the ordinary scepticism and hatred of social media, responding with science is undoubtedly an appropriate strategy. This is the choice of Hopium, which publishes figures following bench tests. Hopium mentions “unparalleled efficiencies” of 5 kW/kg and 8.4 kW/L at the cell level. Initial results also show “superior performance to all alternative technologies available on the market” in terms of sustainability. The system is protected by 27 patents.

Hopium will integrate the components (fuel cell and electrical systems) into the platform of its future prototype. However, these components could be offered independently or together to other manufacturers “in the mobility markets.” Sylvain Laurent specifies that we are talking here about “professional mobility” and “heavy mobility.” Sectors in which “the needs are apparent” and “the infrastructures are developing rapidly.” This approach is reminiscent of what Hyundai, Toyota and now Honda are doing by positioning themselves as technology suppliers, not just manufacturers.

This is a clear illustration of the distinct positioning operated by Hopium Technologies and Hopium Automotive. The latter aims to develop a range of hydrogen vehicles, of which the Machina Vision will be a ‘technological showcase’.

It should be noted that Olivier Lombard, the founder of the brand, is quoted in the press release. The young driver states that the challenge is “to offer maximum power in a minimum of space while taking into account the environmental impact over the entire life cycle.” The press release states that the new structure of the company (Sylvain Laurent as CEO, Philippe Baudillon as Deputy Managing Director, and Alain Guillou as Chairman of the Board of Directors) is working alongside him.

It looks like the French company is back on track.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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