HRS launches the HRSchool to train around hydrogen professions

HRSchool hydrogen

HRS, leader designer and manufacturer of hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe, has announced the launch of the HRSchool last week. The HRSchool is an internal training school around hydrogen professions. This new structure fully demonstrates the company’s commitment to developing the French and European hydrogen ecosystem.

An HRSchool to develop the hydrogen ecosystem of tomorrow

The HRSchool is built around a comprehensive training programme, including induction and training sessions over several weeks. Participants will benefit from a combination of theoretical courses and practical workshop work, supervised by external trainers and experienced internal tutors. The aim is to transfer the key skills needed to excel in the hydrogen industry.

The HRSchool training programme also includes a module dedicated to hydrogen issues, highlighting its benefits, challenges and usefulness beyond mobility. This holistic approach aims to create multi-skilled experts capable of making a significant contribution to the development of hydrogen in various fields of application.

Hassen Rachedi, founding CEO of HRS, stressed the importance of this initiative. “At HRS, we believe that skills development is key to our success. This is why we have launched the HRSchool, our internal training school dedicated to hydrogen. We are committed to strengthening our internal expertise and fostering a strong corporate culture of knowledge sharing and mutual support,” he said.

Mr Rachedi also emphasised the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. He mentioned initiatives such as a 4-day working week for workshop staff.

A new contract for HRS

Speaking of the devil, HRS signed a new contract with GCK yesterday for an HRS14. This mobile station, with a capacity of 200 kg/day, will be installed in the Paris region and should be operational early 2024. It will be used to refuel vehicles at sporting and cultural events.

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