Fives launches its first hydrogen burner

hydrogen burner Fives

Fives launches its first hydrogen burner

The Hy-Ductflam makes it possible for manufacturers to switch from natural gas to hydrogen without modifying their equipment. It can be set up on new installations or used as a replacement for a standard duct burner.

The French group, which claims over a 100 years of expertise in industrial combustion, is reinventing itself. Fives has just launched its first 100% hydrogen duct burner. A system that will improve manufacturers’ environmental footprint. Since hydrogen does not emit CO2 when it burns, it is a further step towards decarbonising heating and drying processes worldwide.

According to Fives, using the Hy-Ductflam hydrogen burner can reduce a paper plant’s CO2 emissions by around 170 kg of CO2 per tonne of paper produced. In other words, it allows a two-thirds reduction of its carbon footprint.

Designed both for new installations and to replace existing standard burners, Fives’ solution requires few changes to industrial processes and can therefore be easily implemented.

“Fives is at the forefront of hydrogen development and offers the largest range of hydrogen compatible burners on the market. We are proud to provide a new solution that answers the need for decarbonization of our customers and are exited for new innovations to come” says Francesco Giudici, General Manager at Fives ITAS.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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