Hydrogen-powered cars are starting to show up in China

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Hydrogen-powered cars are coming to China

In a country that has mastered the battery and is starting to widely sells them in Europe, one might have thought that China would only be working on battery electric cars. However, the car industry in China is starting to show hydrogen prototypes.

At the Guangzhou Motor Show, the GAC Group presented a concept car. Taking the form of a coupé SUV, the GAC ERA claims a range of 800 km. While at this stage it is primarily a design object, the manufacturer is highlighting its multi-energy platform and its desire to be at the forefront of technology.

More recently, Dongfeng Nissan presented a hydrogen-powered version of the Venucia. More precisely, it is called the Venucia V Qing Jing (which means “kingdom of hydrogen”) and bears the H2e logo. It has a range of 500 km. Launched at the beginning of October, it will be used in pilot operations in the Huadu district of Guangzhou. This phase will start in January 2024 and run for a 35 months period.

Several manufacturers are committing to hydrogen cars

As part of an agreement with Toyota, Haima Automobile has produced a hydrogen-powered vehicle that is due to be tested in Hainan province. Several carmakers have already explored this type of powertrain, including SAIC Motor, which is considered to be a pioneer. Its first prototype dates back to 2001. To date, the group has produced 410 hydrogen-powered vehicles, including cars (most recently the Maxus), buses and trucks.

Great Wall Motors, one of the major players in China, plans to launch hydrogen cars in 2025. The manufacturer, whose ambition is to develop a hydrogen society (like Toyota), has brought together its expertise in this field in a company called FTXT Energy Technology.

At the recent Munich Motor Show, the architect of electrification in China, Wan Gang, who is also an advocate of hydrogen, stressed that fuel cell vehicles will play an important role in the world’s biggest market. The expert believes that the north-west of China is a favourable spot, given the long distances between cities and the slow take-up of electric vehicles.

China already has a large number of hydrogen-powered buses and trucks, as well as commercial vehicles. It looks as though the car will eventually find its place in the Middle Kingdom as well.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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