Germany: hydrogen mobility is a key part of Berlin’s strategy

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Germany has just updated its hydrogen strategy and mobility plays a crucial part. News that could inspire France, which was due to present the update of its own strategy this summer.

When presenting the new strategy, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing emphasised the importance of hydrogen technologies in the transport sector. He pointed out that they could contribute to climate-friendly mobility and complement other alternative forms of propulsion, particularly in freight transport. “We need hydrogen directly for fuel cells, but also for the production of synthetic fuels, which will be essential for climate neutrality in transport,” said the Minister.

By 2030, hydrogen and its derivatives will be used in industrial applications, in heavy commercial vehicles and increasingly in aviation and maritime transport, according to Mr Wissing. The railways are also among the possible applications. The federal government is drawing up a master plan for hydrogen and fuel cell technology in transport.

Germany has already planned the future hydrogen transport network

Germany’s hydrogen strategy calls for the establishment of a network of hydrogen refuelling stations. It also paves the way for a network of hydrogen highways, with pipelines (for which the plan will be finalised this summer). By 2027/2028, more than 1,800 km of pipelines (converted and newly built) will be deployed in the country thanks to IPCEI funding. A further 4,500 km will be needed on a European scale (as part of the European Hydrogen Backbone project).

Berlin guarantees that all major production, import and storage centres will be connected to the relevant customers by 2030.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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