OPmobility’s solutions for hydrogen pick-ups and trucks in the USA

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OPmobility’s solutions for hydrogen pick-ups and trucks in the USA

At the ACT Expo, equipment supplier OPmobility, showcased a fuel cell for trucks and hydrogen fuel tanks for heavy-duty vehicles (vans, pick-ups).

The main new feature was a 150 kW module designed for heavy mobility (trucks of 16 tonnes or more). This module features an NM12 Twin fuel cell (developed by the EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies joint venture) and 160 other components providing complementary functions such as thermal control, electrical and electronic management, and air and hydrogen supply. OPmobility points out that the innovative feature lies in its hyper-compactness, durability and reliability. Several systems can be connected to achieve a power capacity of 300 kW or 450 kW.

The French company also came to Las Vegas with a 304-litre tank that stores hydrogen at 700 bar. The tank is made of a plastic inner shell covered with carbon fibre, and is designed for American pick-up trucks. This high-pressure tank holds around 12 kg of hydrogen. Several tanks can be integrated into a system, thus extending the vehicle’s range.

OPmobility also presented a storage system for commercial vehicles, comprising 3 or 4 high-pressure 47-litre hydrogen tanks, each holding around 2 kg of hydrogen. Installed in the floor of the vehicle, they hold between 6 and 8 kg of hydrogen in total, giving a range of almost 500 km.

The equipment manufacturer is banking heavily on the American market for trucks and pick-ups.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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