A new distance record for the Eco Runner

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The Eco Runner XIII has just set a new distance record. Using just under a kilo of hydrogen, the vehicle covered 2,488.5 kilometres, beating the previous record of 2,056 kilometres.

By way of comparison, a vehicle like the Toyota Mirai consumes just over one kilo of hydrogen per 100 kilometres. The Eco Runner XIII is therefore 25 times more efficient. In fact, it claims to be “the world’s most efficient urban vehicle.” Here you can see the prototype doing a few laps around the Immendingen circuit in Germany. It was there that the Eco Runner set this new record.

The record attempt spread over 5 days: from Wednesday, 21 June to Sunday, 25 June. However, the team really got down to business on Friday 23 June. The whole team started the day at 4am so that the car could drive off for its first official lap at 9am, as planned. Morning and night shifts succeeded one another until Sunday. Finally, after more than 2 days of driving, the old record of 2,056 kilometres was broken. You can imagine the joy of the team at this very moment. However, The car still had hydrogen left in the tanks, so the team did not want to stop there. They wanted to push the boundaries as far as possible. Therefore, a few hours later, the Eco Runner set a new distance record: 2,488.5 kilometres. That’s more than 400 kilometres further than the previous one.

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The team from the University of Delft must be thrilled to be official title holders of this Guinness World Record. At any rate, this remarkable achievement solidify hydrogen’s fuel efficiency and ability to fuel sustainable transportation of the future.

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