RAI Automotive Industry NL is invited to Hyvolution by Nextmove

RAI Automotive Industry Hyvolution

As part of Hyvolution, a Dutch delegation from RAI Automotive Industry NL is being welcomed to Paris by NextMove at the end of January to meet its French counterparts.

Nextmove, one of France’s automotive and mobility clusters, is inviting its counterpart RAI Automotive Industry NL, based in Helmond. This is an opportunity to organise meetings, bearing in mind that the cluster in the Paris region and Normandy has a number of players involved in the hydrogen value chain among its 600 members. These include Hyvia (whose Flins site will be visited the day before the show), Air Liquide, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium, McPhy, GRTgaz, ENGIE, Bosch France and Akuo Energy.

Some of these players have operations in the Netherlands. These include Air Liquide and Hyvia. The aim of the meeting is to see how Franco-Dutch cooperation could shape the future of hydrogen in Europe.

RAI Automotive Industry on a tour in France

The Dutch will also be visiting the IFPEN site in Rueil (where work is being done on the H2 fuel cell and combustion engine), as well as the TotalEnergies facilities, on 30 January. On the 31st, a conference hosted by Jean-Luc Brossard from Stellantis (who also holds positions within the *PFA, CCFA and ACEA) will provide an opportunity to present the French ecosystem and **IPCEIs. There will also be a presentation of the Dutch ecosystem.

“Organising bilateral meetings, as well as helping to set up European programmes, enables NextMove to support its members internationally,” explains Marc Charlet, the cluster’s managing director.

*PFA: This Automotive Platform brings together the automotive industry in France. CCFA: Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers. ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

**IPCEI: Important Project of Common European Interest.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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