Renault and Punch Torino collaborate on H2 engines

Within the framework of its engine activity, the Renault group has announced a collaboration with the Italians of Punch Torino (a subsidiary of the Punch group). It has to do with diesel, but it will also be extended to hydrogen combustion for commercial vehicles.

At the end of the press release, it is stated that “this agreement will set the foundation for a potential future cooperation between the parties, including hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, for which Punch, through its subsidiary Punch Hydrocells, has considerable expertise.” Through this customer, Renault has found a partner that could perhaps help it to offer H2 engines on certain markets.

This is the first partnership announcement since the group decided to separate its activities, with electric vehicles (Ampere) on the one hand and internal combustion engines (Horse) on the other. Renault and Punch Torino will jointly develop Euro 6 and Euro 7 variants of 4-cylinder diesel engines for light commercial vehicles. Production is due to start from 2025.

Punch, which has a shown what they can do with General Motors, is involved in hydrogen. It is interesting to see that Renault is welcoming such a solution in its range.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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