Toyota: a hydrogen-powered car for €51,000

Toyota hydrogen car
Toyota: a hydrogen-powered car for €51,000

On 13 November, the Japanese carmaker will launch a new version of the Crown in Japan. This model, unknown in Japan, comes in a hydrogen version priced at 8.3 million yen (about €51,600 or $55,400).

As announced, the Japanese giant has decided to offer a hydrogen version of the new generation of the Crown. Toyota, which lifted the veil on this model, believes that its flagship can thus contribute to carbon neutrality. Silent operation is an advantage for this type of vehicle, which is aimed at company managers who have a driver.

Naturally, the carmaker is using the same components as for the Mirai. These include its fuel cell and three tanks storing hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bars. The claimed range is 820 km.

The price is slightly lower than that of the Mirai: 8.3 million yen instead of 8.6. And due to a recent drop of the Japanese currency (1 yen = €0.0062 or $0.0067), this hydrogen-powered car from Toyota is becoming more affordable.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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