Hydrogen aircraft: Airbus invests in ZeroAvia

hydrogen aircraft Airbus ZeroAvia

European aviation giant Airbus has embarked on a major partnership with ZeroAvia, the UK start-up specialising in hydrogen-powered aircraft. Alongside Barclays and Saudi company Neom, Airbus has invested in the future of green aviation by joining ZeroAvia. Despite the fact that the amount of this investment remains confidential, its objective is clear: to accelerate the development of ZeroAvia’s hydrogen propulsion systems.

ZeroAvia recently reached a crucial milestone with the successful flight testing of its ZA600 prototype, a revolutionary hydrogen-powered aircraft (read our article). Thanks to this funding, ZeroAvia will be working to obtain certification for the ZA600. The aircraft, which can carry up to 20 passengers, is scheduled to be brought into service in 2025. In addition, the funding will enable ZeroAvia to progress the development of its ZA2000 powertrain, suitable for larger applications.

In addition to the investment, Airbus is committed to supporting ZeroAvia throughout the certification phase. The two companies will also collaborate in other areas, including liquid hydrogen storage, flight testing and refuelling infrastructure. This alliance reinforces the commitment to hydrogen as the driving force behind green aviation, placing the hydrogen aircraft, Airbus, and ZeroAvia at the heart of this aviation revolution.

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Article written by Marina Leite and translated by Logan King 

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