Hydrogen capsules are becoming a trend

hydrogen capsules - Universal Hydrogen

Universal Hydrogen is exploring the possibility of using hydrogen capsules for its aircraft, but also for other mobility applications. The solution could be more practical than conventional tanks.

The idea is not really new, since the concept of hydrogen storage capsules was first developed by the Swiss company Aaqius with its Stor-H technology. They meant to use it on light vehicles, such as scooters or three-wheelers. At COP15 in Paris, it also integrated the technology into a car (the Furtive e-GT from Exagon Motors). In the automotive sector, the idea has been taken up by Namx for its SUV and even by Toyota.

Universal Hydrogen turns to hydrogen capsules

In the aerospace industry, it’s also the concept chosen by Universal Hydrogen. This American start-up has developed capsules that store liquid hydrogen. They measure 1.50 m by 1.50 m. On the French radio France Bleu, Pierre Farjounel, the company’s Managing Director for Europe, recently had the opportunity to present the technology.

Universal Hydrogen carried out a test flight with its capsules in Mojave in the United States last September. The start-up had already made an initial flight in March. It has also announced 250 orders for retrofitting regional aircraft with a kit comprising a fuel cell and the famous hydrogen capsules.

On its website, the company states that its capsules could one day be integrated into airliners. It is also exploring integration into a vertical take-off flying taxi (VTOL) and other modes of transport. Universal Hydrogen believes that its solution could be applied to cars and heavy mobility (boats and trains).

One of the challenges, of course, will be to set up a distribution network for these cartridges.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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