Less than 2 weeks before the Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition starts!

Lisbon Energy Summit
Less than 2 weeks before the Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition starts!

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition is coming back on 27-29 May 2024. The Lisbon Energy Summit, which is taking place at the FIL (Feira Internacional de Lisboa) and is one of Europe’s leading energy transition events, will bring together over 3,000 visitors.

Around this year’s theme: “Creating Tomorrow’s Energy System Today”, Ministers, policymakers, project developers, investors and innovators will engage at a 3-day high-level strategic conference. They will share insights into transitioning the E.U.’s energy system to one based on renewables and in line with the REPowerEU initiatives.

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition will be divided into three distinct conferences:

The Strategic Conference

It will be the opportunity to hear from experts in the energy industry. Key themes will include: Solar & Wind Power, Sustainable Transportation, Storage & Energy Efficiency and Accelerating Investment Towards a Low Carbon Future. It is worth noting that a whole theme will be dedicated to hydrogen. You can see the full agenda here.

The Hydrogen & Decarbonisation Conference

It will be exploring hydrogen’s role in decarbonising energy systems, heavy industry & hard-to-abate sectors. The industry’s leading players will discuss technological breakthroughs, and challenges in upscaling the global hydrogen economy and showcasing the latest decarbonisation solutions and strategies. You can see the full agenda here.

The Hydrogen & Decarbonisation zone will be right to the left of the entrance.


It will offer solution providers the opportunity to present their ideas and technologies to push forward the implementation of hydrogen and renewable energy. If you want to learn more about the latest technologies currently implemented in the fields of solar, wind, green hydrogen, storage, and batteries, this is the place to be. You can see the full agenda here.

During this 3-day event, we will hear from over 250 speakers. This wide variety of speakers will include representatives from REN, Portugal’s TSO, which is involved in the H2MED project, as well as from Mitsubishi or H2 Green Steel.

To access all 3 conferences, you can book your visitor pass here or your Delegate pass here.

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