Namx is about to unveil its hydrogen engine

Namx hydrogen engine
Namx is about to unveil its hydrogen engine

In a few hours, at 5pm (GMT), the start-up will present its technology. You can follow the event live on LinkedIn and Youtube.

There was little doubt that Namx would be switching to a hydrogen engine, if the teaser video of 4 December is anything to go by. Confirmation came in the form of a photo, posted this morning on Faouzi Annajah‘s LinkedIn account. The CEO poses next to what appears to be a V8. And of course we can also catch sight of the famous hydrogen capsules.

We will know more about it this afternoon. But in a press release, the company is setting the tone. “Compared with Fuel Cell technology, the hydrogen combustion engine does not require the same level of hydrogen purity for its operation, nor the same quantity of precious metals to be built. Namx is thus offering a new hydrogen engine that is more sustainable, more functional and more cost-effective, opening the door to premium ecological mobility to a wider public.

A hydrogen engine to preserve emotion

Another argument is that the engine “also preserves the unique emotion generated by the driving experience, in particular the emblematic roar of the engine.” Namx is announcing “a first running prototype of the HUV, which will be equipped with a V8 hydrogen combustion engine developed and produced by Solution F, a subsidiary of the GCK Group.” This 612 hp engine is the one fitted into the Foenix H2. It will also be on display at the CES in Las Vegas on a Jeep Cherokee.

As a result, the teams have reworked the design of the inaugural HUV concept to incorporate a new, more aerodynamic rear bumper and an exhaust system made necessary by hydrogen combustion.

The Franco-Moroccan entrepreneur is thus announcing a new chapter for Namx, based on engineering and emotion. The first units will be delivered in 2027. It will be possible to use hydrogen capsules with these.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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